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[Metroplex x Reader] Meeting you -One Shot-
[Name] was a seeker, and proud to be one. She was an autobot, which was strange, as seekers were cons. She switched and was picked up by Optimus, quickly gaining her spot on the team with the advantage of the air. Nonetheless, she loved to soar through the cybertronain skies, laughing at the mechs below that drove on their wheels.
She chuckled; Wheels. Pathetic.
Wings were the way to go, in her opinion. They made her free, no strings attatched. As she grew more distracted with freedom, she changed direction. Soon she was lost.
"Oh scrap." She muttered. "Where did I fly too?"
Okay, so maybe wings had their downfalls. Sometimes. [Name] muttered some curses before turning around and trying to backtrack. Had she passed that city before?
"I couldn't have flown over a whole city without knowing..." she murmured to herself. Deciding to check it out, maybe refill on some energon, [Name] descended and landed on a street.
"Strange." the femme turned in a circle, "There is no one here..."
She str
:iconultragamingnerd2001:UltraGamingNerd2001 13 10
201707 Mina Price by wickedalucard 201707 Mina Price :iconwickedalucard:wickedalucard 920 40 Fantasy by ryky Fantasy :iconryky:ryky 4,269 125 Tapu Fini by SpinoOne Tapu Fini :iconspinoone:SpinoOne 123 30 sketch tapu lele by Renox120 sketch tapu lele :iconrenox120:Renox120 5 0
Pokedex series: Lucario x Pokemon Reader x Zoroark
''By catching the aura emanating from others, it can read their thoughts and movements.''- Lucario Pokemon Pearl, X
''Bonds between these Pokémon are very strong. It protects the safety of its pack by tricking its opponents.''- Zoroark Pokemon Black, Y
''(Y/N)! Make sure you get back before nightime ok!'' ''Alright Mom bye!''
I grab my explores bag and went outside the cottage I see Riolu leaning on a tree and looking at the sky, he notice my presence the second I get near him and waves, I wave back and sat next to him.
''Good Morning (Y/N), you look well'' ''Morning to you to Riolu, thank you my mama gave me gummies you want some?'' ''Sure!''
Riolu was my first best friend, I met him at the dojo in the village he taught me how to fight and was the strongest in the dojo since he always train, he's very smart and mature for his age. He keeps to himself but always stay near or next to me.
His eyes light up slightly when give him his favorite favor and eats it quickly ''Have you
:iconrainbowdash5995:Rainbowdash5995 48 12
Skipping Stones|Geodude x Trainer!Reader
"It's a nice day out, isn't it Tropius?" You sighed, giving your Fruit Pokemon a handful of berries. It munched on them, making a guttural noise of gratitude. 
"'re most welcome," you smiled, scratching Tropius underneath its chin. In response, it smiled and curled its neck around you, resting its head on your lap.
You were sitting by the shoreline, your back against the body of Tropius while it provided you shade from the sweltering sun. The sea breeze also kept you a bit cool. In your other hand you held a smooth rock, which you sent skidding across the water with the flick of your wrist. It skipped at least four times before it went underwater with a satisfying "plop".
You smiled, though it disappeared when you realized your shade was gone. "Tropius, where's my-?" But when you turned to the sauropod, you saw that your Geodude was hanging onto its neck. Tropius grumbled, trying to shake him off.
"Geo? What are you doing, silly?" You giggled, holding your arms
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 39 16
*Birthday Special*|Ash Ketchum x Reader
"Happy Birthday, [y/n]!!"
"Mmm..what..?" Opening your eyes, all you could see were the blurred faces of the people and Pokemon in your bedroom-
There are strangers and Pokemon that are not yours in your bedroom.
You sat up in a panic and rubbed your eyes hastily before looking up to get a better view of the intruders. But as it turns out, they were not strangers, but your friends Bonnie, Clemont, Serena, and Ash-plus Hawlucha, Pikachu, Greninja, Dedenne, Fennekin, and Noivern-all wearing party hats.
"O-Oh, it's only you guys," you relaxed a bit, before eyeing them strangely. "But did you get into my house?!"
"It was thanks to your buddy Klefki here," Serena replied, holding up the Key Ring Pokemon who had a tiny party hat on its head, too.
"Klefki.." You scolded, frowning at it. "How many times do I have to tell you-"
"Oh come on, [y/n]," Ash protested, "you know Klefki would never let in strangers. Plus it's your special day today and there's no need for you
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 72 20
Too Many Keys|Klefki x Trainer!Reader
"You did a good job today, Klefki." You smiled as you rode your bike to your house. Another day, another victory for you and your faithful Key Ring Pokemon, who jingled happily as it circled around your head.
"Hey, don't distract me," you giggled, "I still get nervous without the training wheels."
"Klefki.." It apologized, stopping.
"I accept your apology." As the sun was setting, you arrived at your house, hopping off your bike before heading up the steps to the front door. "Ahh, home sweet home--" But you stopped and forgot that Klefki had your house keys.
"May I have my keys?" You asked nicely, turning around with your hand out. The Steel-type said nothing.
"You keys to the house so we can go in and I can feed you?"
"K..Klefki." Klefki said, hugging the shiny, silver key that was attached to it. You let out a small sigh. Klefki was very stubborn when it comes to handing over your keys; it was like it had a personal attachment to them or something, but
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 56 5
Misunderstood|Fem!Hypno x Child!Reader
~Hypno's POV~
"Is that a Hypno?"
"Yeah. But I wouldn't get near it if I were you..."
"Why not?"
"There's a story going around about a Hypno that puts trainers to sleep...before kidnapping them."
"Omg that sounds awful."
"Yeah, and it sings some sort of lullaby to keep its victims hypnotized."
"But why?"
"Dunno. But I don't wanna find out."
I sighed, clutching my pendulum as I walked through the streets. Obviously, that story was completely false. Us Hypno would NEVER want to kidnap anyone. Why would they even think such things?
I once heard that if something is repeated a lot--it's probably true. And I've heard this story being passed down one too many times. Now people are scared of Hypno; they wouldn't even go near one. If only there was something I could do about it, to make them change their mind, but I doubt they'd believe anything a Hypno says, much less a talking one.
Ignoring the stares and whispers, I turned into an alley where I saw a large cardbo
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 115 19
What Lies Ahead|Wally x Reader
As you walked down Victory Road, you battled several trainers who underestimated your ability to take on the Elite Four. There was no doubt that you were able to prove them wrong, but even as you defeated them with ease, you still felt...anxious about what lies ahead.
You could hardly believe that you made it this far. When you looked at your Blaziken, who beat the crap out of any Makuhita that crossed your path, it was hard to imagine him as once a sweet, little, hyper Torchic you just happened to choose.
It was a split-second decision you had to make to save Professor Birch from a wild Poocheyna, but little did you know that decision would change your life forever.
Throughout your journey, you've captured many more Pokemon, and even revived one from a fossil! It was an odd-looking creature called Anorith, which later evolved into a strong Armaldo. Later, you entered the Cave of Origin and captured the mighty Groudon with your only Master Ball (which you thanked Arceus for).
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 40 8
Guide You Home|Dusknoir x Ghost!Child!Reader
"It is said to take lost spirits into its pliant body and guide them home"-Dusknoir Pokedex Entry
You wandered through the forest, clutching your Banette doll tightly to your chest.
It was so dark, so cold, lonely.
After you made the terrible mistake of playing with a Honedge, which you thought was a wooden sword, the Pokemon wrapped its cloth-like arm around your own, literally squeezing the life out of you. 
For a while, you didn't actually believe you were dead, but when you tried to comfort Growlithe, your family pet, your hand phased right through him. That day you discovered the painful truth: You were truly dead. Gone forever. Never to be seen or heard by anyone ever again.
Just thinking about that made you start to cry. You sat down on the ground, leaning against a tree. Sniffling, you looked up at the starry night sky, letting the tears roll down your face.
How could life be taken from you so..early? You wer
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 68 30
Male!Gardevoir x Trainer!Reader x Female!Machoke
About 25% of all Machop are female...and you're a trainer that just happened to find one.
At first, though, you couldn't tell the difference until Professor Sycamore told you that your Machop was, indeed, female. Since that day, you began to question everything you knew about Pokemon.
Such strange creatures they were, and what was even stranger was their gender... which didn't seem fitting for some, like a female Alakazam or a male Sylveon.
But gender seemed to make no difference in terms of their strength, as your Machop was still strong and was only stronger when she evolved into Machoke. Even so, however, trainers who were defeated by you often mistake her for a "him". It's awkward enough that you have to correct them....and even more awkward as they looked as though you had used Confusion on them.
Speaking of Psychic-type attacks, your strongest Psychic-type Pokemon, Kirlia, was close to evolving into a Gallade!
You were excited, and so you decided to meet up with
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 69 22
A Gift of Thanks|Diancie x Trainer!Reader
You walked into the cave, looking around in awe as you saw all sorts of colorful gems and crystals embedded in the walls. The light from your flashlight reflected off of them, making them twinkle and shimmer like stars.
The sight made you stop and stare for a while, though you quickly remembered why you were here:
Because you heard rumors of there being a Mythical Pokemon that lives somewhere deep in this particular cavern. Nobody would tell you what the name of the Pokemon was, but they said that "wherever you see many Carbink on guard, she'll surely be there".
So yep, looks like today you're gonna play detective. Carbink were common in caves like these, so you had a good feeling you were going to find that Pokemon.
But even if it wasn't in this cave, you hoped you would at least find something like a Mega Stone, Moon Stone, or even a Fire Stone if you're lucky.
"At least I'm not being swarmed by any Zubats....yet." You sighed as you continued through the cavern.
Only to be almost sma
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 109 17
You Saved Me|Absol x Trainer!Reader
"It senses coming disasters and appears before people only to warn them of impending danger" -Absol's Pokedex Entry
"Isn't the city just wonderful, Absol?" You grinned, riding your bike down the sidewalk as your Absol jogged beside you, doing his best to keep up.
"Sol!" He nodded, looking up and around at the tall buildings. It was a sight he had gotten use to ever since the day you captured him while up in the mountains. Even then, you liked to take Absol along on hikes so he could see his original home and all the Pokemon he use to live with.
You've heard stories about how Absol was able to predict natural disasters and usually appeared to people to warn them. But since they are not Psychic-types, they were often blamed for being the cause of those catastrophes, hence being known as the "Disaster Pokemon". That's the reason why Absol are so reclusive and hide away in the mountains, away from the humans they were only trying to protect.
"Alright, we
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 136 20
The Bubble Jet Pokemon|Vaporeon x Trainer!Reader
.....a shallow, blue lake with a small wooden pier.
" pretty." You hummed, taking notice of how the lake's surface seemed to glitter with the sun's shining rays. The puffy, white clouds also reflected nicely off of the water, almost making it look like a complete mirror of the sky. "So this is all you wanted to show me, Eevee?"
"Vee." It frowned, shaking its head before pointing its paw towards the water.
"You want me to go closer to the shore?"
Eevee nodded affirmatively. Sighing, you pressed forward, walking towards the edge of the lake. That's when you looked down and saw a shimmering blue and purple stone right along the waterline. Your eyes widened in amazement.
Eevee didn't lead you to a lake, but to a Water Stone!
"Awh, nice!" You picked up the stone and examined it, confirming that it is, indeed, a true Water Stone. It was as blue as a pool of clear water.
Eevee rushed to your side as you sat down in the grass, still staring in awe at the Water Stone in your hand. S
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Have another Skyfall!
I decided to draw Sky again xD As you can see, somethings have been tweaked. I think im gonna draw him some more as well as his squad. (´。• ω •。`)

In the meantime have a sweet little surprised babs. (*´▽`*)
Wow, I haven't posted art in forever. Sorry for the inactivity, guys! I'll be posting some soon though so look out for that.
I'm sorry for being so inactive. I've been going through a lot. I'm in the process of moving.
Horrible title is horrible xD //shot Anywho, I was inspired to draw this after seeing the post from Imagine The Monsters on Tumblr. Pikachu and Mike belong to their respective owners, heh. I only own the art!


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